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Tapovan, Sri Chinmoy Peace Park

Experience peace through nature.

The Tapovan, Sri Chinmoy Peace Park is a 200-acre privately owned park dedicated to Sri Chinmoy and his lasting dream of peace.  Sri Chinmoy believed that our dream for peace should start with ourselves and our own inner transformation.  

In a time of environmental uncertainty, when climate change and the degradation of nature is at a peak, Tapovan is a protected area – a former forestry lot that is regenerating itself.

The park was opened in 2013. The Galiano Trail Society upkeeps the trails and ensure they are safe for walking.  The trails stretch from Porlier Pass on the West side of Galiano, all the way to the Georgia Straight on the East side of the island. 

We invite you to become a part of the park’s legacy by offering your silence and prayers for peace as you walk the trails.


What our visitors said:

“After we climbed a particularly challenging hilltop, one aphorism stood out: It related to the real world, including the harsh one of democratic politics:  “Love the battlefield of life.  For joy is always breathing, secretly and openly, in both your victory and your defeat.”  Douglas Todd, The Vancouver Sun

“Tapovan Peace Park is the only Peace Park in all of the Southern Gulf Islands, and maybe also Vancouver Island! It is dedicated to Sri Chinmoy, an advocate for world peace and mindfulness, or the big “E” of enlightenment.  Tapovan is the Sanskrit word for “wilderness spiritual practice,” and this spiritual practice is perfectly designed to allow those who take it on the opportunity to leave their woes behind. With 200 acres of forested land, this steep half-hour hike has a long set of stairs and many poetic plaques marking the way up the trail. At the top, you’ll find yourself on a bluff overlooking Trincomali Channel alongside a statue of Sri Chinmoy. Pack a lunch and prepare to spend some quality time meditating at the top; it’s an unusual place with a serene sense of calm and serendipity.” Morgan Hannah, the Other Press

“Les randonneurs peuvent marcher dans la forêt, grimper un petit mont et lire, sur le trajet, des aphorismes composés par Sri Chinmoy. Le trajet se termine par une vue magnifique sur les îles du golfe, là où se trouve la statue du gourou.”  Radio Canada

“Don’t miss Tapovan Peace Park.  It’s steep but relatively easy with forested sea views.”  John Lee, Independent Writer

“Easy to miss is the small sign off Porlier Pass for Tapovan Peace Park, 200 acres of forested land dedicated to the life of Sri Chinmoy, an Indian spiritual leader dedicated to world peace.  The Sanskrit word “tapovan” is a forest or wilderness for spiritual practice, according to a Galiano Trails Society map we found at the entrance. A steep, half-hour walk up a series of stone steps led us to a bluff overlooking Trincomali Channel and a statue of Sri Chinmoy.”  Carol Pucci, The Seattle Times

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