Learn about Tapovan

The Tapovan, Sri Chinmoy Peace Park offers protection to some of the rare, remarkable and endangered species who call Galiano Island home.  As you walk the trails and imbibe the peace that nature offers you might look out for the old growth trees that still stand, and the flora and fauna that carpet the forest floor.  You will see the new trees springing up as the forest recovers and regenerates.  We invite you to explore the trails, forest bath, and if you like contribute to the research on the ecology of the park.   

Temperate Rainforests

Everything in the rainforest is connected, a cycle of life in perfect balance. From the lush green that carpets the base of towering, centuries-old trees, to the birds and insects, it’s an environment that nourishes everything in it. No wonder so many people—lives entrenched in technology, disconnected from nature, and sometimes each other—are drawn to the tranquillity of the rainforest.

Forest Bathing

There is a large amount of scientific evidence surrounding the health benefits of spending time in nature. Because of this, forest bathing became an integral part of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine.  The idea is that when humans spend time in a natural setting, especially under the canopy of a forest, they experience rejuvenating benefits to the mind, body and spirit.


Tapovan’s Ecology

This Biodiversity Galiano Island project is intended to create a species checklist for the Tapovan Peace Park. By sharing your observations in the park, you will help raise awareness for the species present here, so that those who visit will benefit in contemplation of the unity and diversity of life.


Peace  does not mean the absence of war.  Peace means the presence of harmony, love, oneness and satisfaction.

Peace means a flood of love in the world family.

Sri Chinmoy